Early stages
I studied Graphic Arts at the University of Quebec at Montreal, followed by Film Animation at Concordia University school of Fine Arts. I found the dynamic surroundings, artistic and technical challenges of cinema exceptionally stimulating.

For five years I was devoted to film animation, and then spent ten years as a scenic painter , participating in the production of television series, clips, TV commercials, short films and feature films. These projects required ingenuity ,hard work and brought me to use and further develop my artistic and organizational skills to meet their constantly varying demands.


Turning point / sculpture
Drawn to sculpting through film animation I turned my professional life towards this passionate multifaceted art and in 1998 I founded Arts 3D inc. The company is specialized in sculpture, molding, casting, painting and production of props and décor for commercial and cinematographic projects.

With a strong sense of organization my responsibilities lead me to develop estimating costs choosing the adequate process, quality control and time management. I had lead on projects as diverse as recreation of a Chinese terracotta warriors army for the film Mummy III to the fabrication of diverse elements of décor for the interior of Hotel W in Montreal.


In between projects I tend to diversify this acquired experience and bring it towards a more personal artistic expression, according to the given inspiration of the moment. In other words I tend to draw together the creator and the technician in me and simply take joy in being an artist.